Types of Electric Heaters

When the temperature starts to drop, and the home feels less warm and cozy, most consumers will quickly try to remedy the situation. Once you begin the hunt for an affordable, quality unit to heat your home, you will find that there are many types of electric heaters to choose from.

Portable Electric Heaters

The most obvious and easily recognized of these choices would be the portable electric heater, commonly referred to as a space heater. These units are typically small in size, and can use as little as 1500 Watts and on up over 5000 watts for larger units. There are several variations, with ceramic heaters which are meant to warm larger rooms while posing less of a fire risk, and the typical heating coil style, which uses a larger number of elements to heat the air.

Oil filled heaters are similar to the ceramic heater, in that they absorb and build the heat in a way which proves more efficient than most other of the portable electric heaters in the long run. The oil is heated, and can hold and radiate this heat for much longer, without having to run for long periods of time like with the standard heating elements found in typical space heaters.

Home Heating Solutions

You will also find that you can choose to not only warm the air, but also certain fixtures in your house such as a bathtub, or your ceramic tile. These types of heaters are commonly referred to as cove heaters. They can be very useful in supplementing a larger system, as they will keep the specific areas you need warm the most at a comfortable temperature.

Electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly more popular as more and more people are finding less time in their busy lives to go out and chop wood. These units can heat your home while at the same time provide a comfortable atmosphere with a nice aesthetic touch. Many of these also have a "flame only" setting, which is when it only has the look of an open flame, without the heat. This can be good during those times of the year when it is comfortable without any need for an electric heater.

For those that are choosing an electric heater for a new a remodeled home, there are several other choices that can easily be incorporated into the standard design. Floor heaters radiate heat through an electric, water, or oil filled coil. There are other easy to install varieties you can put in place by simply adding an under-mat before you finish installing the flooring.

Of course a consumer could always go with the typical electric fan heater, which runs an electric current through an element, while a strong blower unit pushes the warm air out through the vents, while circulating cooler air back in through the intake vents. These are one of the more common types seen by those on a budget, as they are produced in many grades of quality and can be purchased just about anywhere.

With so many choices when choosing which type of electric heater will best suit your needs, it is important for the consumer to do plenty of research before making a final decision.

Types of Electric Heaters