Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

Energy efficient electric heaters slash heating bills and save energy by reducing the amount of effort put forth by a central heating system as heating units give just enough heat to warm only the rooms that need it. These space heaters allow users to fully control the amount of heat in any room in order to suit the person's individual comfort level. Effective space heaters can be pinpointed by their energy efficiency rating. However, one should keep in mind that the efficiency rating is not the only feature to consider; a heater's "output," or its extracted usable heat, must also be taken into consideration. Generally, energy efficient electric heaters lower energy bills and warm rooms of all sizes.

Fans vs. No Fans

There are quite a many number of energy efficient electric heaters, such as radiant, convection and ceramic. Some of these heaters have built-in fans while others do not. A lot of consumers mistakenly think that fan heaters are more energy efficient than their sans heaters counterparts. In reality, heaters with fans are no better or worse, in terms of energy efficiency, than those without fans. Those that include fans work in a similar manner as furnaces that distribute heat via blowers, providing heat evenly and quickly. However, fan heaters tend to make a great deal of noise. Heaters with no fans can be compared to radiators that run on oil. In oil radiators, the fluid is kept in a closed apparatus and the radiator's internal heating system heats the oil contained inside; the generated heat spreads throughout the room, providing gradual warmth.

Halogen and Ceramic

The newest advancement in energy efficient electric heaters are halogen heaters, or reflective heaters. Halogen heaters utilize halogen-bulb technology. These types of heaters use a light source in order to give heat to people and objects located near the heater as opposed to warming the air like other heaters. Halogen heat works similar to sunlight because both types of heat are instant and direct. Ceramic heaters are another type of energy efficient electric heaters. Ceramic heating units are able to be used at low temperatures but still give off an amount of energy comparable to any other kind of electric heating device. The unique properties of the ceramic material make ceramic units able to maintain a high heat temperature for longer stretches of time in comparison to other heating units.

Temperature Control

The temperature of energy efficient electric heaters is another important factor to consider. Consumers who purchase space heaters with automatic temperature controls find their heaters are more efficient than those that are not controlled automatically. Units that do not possess an automatic control can still warm a room but the room either feels too cold or too hot. Because of the temperature fluctuations, the consumer will have to periodically monitor their heating units, which is time consuming and inconvenient. In order to get the maximum energy efficiency benefit, heaters with automatic temperature controls are definitely the superior choice.

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters