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Car electric heaters – why do you need one?

In the winter, it is a frustrating thing if you do not have any car electric heaters equipped, as you not only need to deal with the cold weather, your car will be in risk of breaking down due to the frost as well. Frost will also build up on the surface of your windows and windscreen, obstructing your vision, making you unable to drive. The freezing of the engine will also cause a broke down midway. If the above happens, you will be stuck in the cold with a useless vehicle, and you will need to fight the cold up to hours before help comes.

That is why car electric heaters are a must have when the cold strikes. They can keep your engine and the interior of your vehicle warm in the cold weather and even cool the bunk when it is warmer. If you have one equipped, you will not have to waste fuel by keeping your vehicle in idling state overnight in fear of a frozen engine in the morning.

Types of car electric heaters

There are basically two types of car electric heaters, namely climate control heaters and basic car heaters. Under climate control heaters, there are even some car heaters that come with dual climate control, allowing you to control the heat settings and can be used in vehicles with two heating and cooling (air-conditioning) systems.

How do car electric heaters work?

There are five main parts within car electric heaters to bring heat into the vehicle cab, namely the core, heater, control head, blower motor resistor and blower motor. A fuse and wiring present, to and from the control head.

The hot water which generates the heat circulates through the engine, radiator and the heater core. The heater core is kept hot and the heat is released to the cab when needed. For this purpose, there are doors that open and shut based on the input via the heater control head. These doors can be operated via vacuum, and can also pick up from the engine, or through electric pulses. The various doors open and shut depending on the moving lever on the control head, and divert air to different areas – the front and top of the dash (for defrosting) and the feet.

There is an individual motor for each door, each fed by its specific vacuum tube. When the vacuum is applied by moving the control head levers, the doors will change position. The doors in the electrical systems are controlled by an electrical pulse that is transmitted through the system when the levers on the control panel are moved by the user.

On the control head, there will also be another lever dictating fan speed, which will change the amount of heat let into the cabin. The blower motor resistor passes the electrical impulse along to the blower, and it spins faster or slower, depending on the user input.

In the United States, you will definitely need a car heater in your vehicle, to provide warmth and keep your car going in the cold weather. Now with electric heaters, you will have added convenience and functionality with your car heater.