Best Electric Heaters

There are quite a few options when it comes to heating a home, some being short-term solutions and others being long-term. One of the best electric heaters are wall-mounted heaters. Heaters attached to the wall are not only highly efficient but also aesthetically pleasing and budget friendly. Let's explore in greater detail as to why wall-mounted units are among the best electric heaters on the market.

Highly Efficient

In regards to heating efficiency, modern electric heaters have made a lot of headway over the past five years. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few wall-mounted models that operate on electricity while efficiently heating an entire room. Many people are not aware that room heaters are the best electric heaters as opposed to central heating systems because most room heaters simply work better while using less energy. For example, it does not make financial sense to provide heat to a home office or bedroom during the day when the homeowner is at work or keep a dedicated storage room warm using a central heating system if each room's heat level can be directly controlled with stand-alone units.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Yet another feature that makes wall-mounted heaters the best electric heaters money can buy is that there are numerous styles and designs available to suit almost anyone's personal taste. Some manufacturers build electric heaters specifically to be a main focal point in the room where it is used. On the other hand, there are some units that are designed to be unnoticeable. Generally, wall-mounted heaters are built right into the baseboards of a room, which allows these units to provide heat throughout the space while enhancing the overall appearance of the area. Depending on the preference of the consumer, a wall-mounted unit can be made to appear classically Victorian or interestingly modern, making them versatile design pieces.

Budget Friendly

If the design aspect and heating efficiency were not enough, the fact that wall-mounted heaters are inexpensive make them the ultimate of the best electric heaters money can buy. These heaters are also ideal for heating water instead of spending a great deal of money and time to run a new configuration or refurbish an already existing hot water system. Many consumers are unaware that electric heaters can plug directly into preexisting electric wiring in a home, making wall-mounted units an excellent alternative to cutting holes in the wall and rewiring an electric system. Some of the best electric heaters are created to seem like traditional hot water systems, causing most people to mistake them for radiant hot water heaters. The time it takes to hook up an electric heater is drastically less than to install an entire residential system. And of course, the expense of repairing a damaged system can be a budget buster as it requires the expertise of a licensed plumber as well as the inconvenience of shutting off the hot water while the system is being repaired. Obviously, wall-mounted units are the best electric heaters for all consumers.

Best Electric Heaters