220 Volt Heater

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220 Volt Heater

Space heaters come with multiple features to meet the various demands of individual homes and customers. For larger spaces, it is highly suggested that the 220 volt heater is selected as opposed to the 110 volt heaters which are more efficient in warming smaller rooms.

Advantages of the 220 volt heater

The most significant advantage of a 220 volt heater is its ability to produce heat at a higher temperature and at a greater volume than a normal 110 volt heater. This is contributed by the dedicated circuits installed within the 220 volt heater which allows sufficient amperage in order to transform the electric currents into heat.

Although the heat output on a 220 volt heater is much higher than a 110 volt heater, they consume roughly about the same amount of energy based on the same usage rate. Therefore, for those who wish to warm their homes faster and at a higher temperature, the 220 volt heaters are an economical choice.
One could also opt to install two 110 volt heaters in the same area but why waste precious space and add bulk into your living area when you can install a single 220 volt heater for the same amount of heat and electricity consumption. On top of that, by getting a 220 volt base board heater, it will reduce the risk of someone knocking the heater by accident and topples it.

Installing a 220 volt heater

It is true that the 220 volt heater comes in handy when you require extra heat in your home. However, there is a need to consider about the installation process. This is because the 220 volt heater would need addition wiring and an addition 220 volt circuit on the breaker panel. Usually, a electrician needs to be hired for the job as wiring is a tricky matter and there are risks when handling with electrical equipment. However, if you have experience in wiring and are quite a handy person, installing a 220 volt heater on your won should save you a significant amount of money from not hiring an electrician.

The 220 volt heaters and The Environment

In light of the recent drastic changes in the climate, more and more people are concerned about the sustainability of the world we live in. Currently, there are no manufacturers claiming that their 220 volt heaters are energy efficient. This is because all heaters using a resistor to convert electricity to energy are close to 100% efficient. This means that almost all electricity consumed by the heater is immediately turned into heat, thus no electricity is gone to water. Therefore, one should look for an electrical heater that is most effective and efficient based on one needs and requirements for space heating. For example, an effective heater would be able to send heat to an area where heat is needed as opposed to where it is not.

Besides purchasing a heater which is efficient and effective based on your needs, the other method of conserving energy would be to control our own usage. For instance, heating the whole room when the it is seldom occupied for short durations is definitely not cost effective.